British slang. A pub crawl is where a group of people will try to visit as many pubs as possible in one night, having a set number of alcoholic beverages in each.
The most famous pub crawl is over the christmas holiday. The objective is to have one pint in each of 27 pubs that are nearest to each station on the distinctly beer-bottle shaped circuit.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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An activity where at least 5 people are involved in drinking at a series of pubs, usually at least 4.

London's Ultimate Pub Crawl is the best known of said crawls.

Other examples are the Circle Line Pub Crawl and the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl.
by AwesomenessXYZ March 23, 2010
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An epic event in which teams of athletes race through a city on foot, stopping at predetermined bars to drink predetermined amounts of alcohol, with penalties for puking such as liquor shots or fast food eating. The first team to finish their alcohol at the last bar wins.
Hurry up and drink! You can puke outside if you have to, but we have to get going because the other team is 30 seconds behind us! We don't want to lose the running pub crawl!
by Runner` November 27, 2009
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When Rona 2020 ruins all your plans, so you take matters into your own hands and have all your friends join together on video to travel around each room in your house which is treated like a different bar. Name each bar/room according to your theme (i.e., Elf’s Alehouse a.k.a. The guest bedroom) 2 drink limit per pub to set yourself up for the best hangover while being together, apart, in the spirit of social distancing. The best part is no uber required!
The Scoota gang is dressed like a Christmas tree in the Elf’s Alehouse on their virtual pub crawl this weekend. #sweaterweatherisbettertogetherapart
by Scootmagoot April 5, 2020
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A website promoting pub crawls, funny pictures, good beers and merchandise.
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by Crawl Master #2 November 5, 2013
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A Kingston Pub Crawl is when a group of travelers (min. 3 people) turn a standard pit stop into a impromptu pub crawl. The group must visit a minimum of 3 locations that serve alcohol, having at least 1 drink at each location, while getting back on the road within approx. 30-45 minutes. Typical locations to visit during a Kingston Pub Crawl are Pizza Hut, Applebees, and Chilli's. In Canada Boston Pizza and Swiss Chalet would qualify. A Kingston Pub Crawl (aka. a KPC) can happen on a sight seeing tour, on a bus carrying a baseball team, or on a road trip with friends.
A team bus full of baseball playing idiots stopped midway through their road trip for food. Having only 30 minutes to get food and be back at the bus the three determined and ambitions members of the team attempted a Kingston Pub Crawl. Starting at Boston Pizza the three had Jager Bombs. Next they ventured to Swiss Chalet for Tequila. To finish, the fellas traveled across the street to Pizza Hut to enjoy shots of Sambuca. They did all this in time for the bus to leave - thus meeting all stipulations of a Kingston Pub Crawl.
by Anyoneseenmybat? May 26, 2011
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