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A public multiplayer lobby in a video game; known for being casual and unorganized. This term also refers to people who exclusively play or are known to play on public multiplayer lobbies, aka public players. Such players are often viewed as noobs or as casual by the organized demographic of the gaming community; those who are part of a gaming group that participates in private or competitive gameplay.
CLAN | Gamer156: Wanna play pubs real quick while we wait?

CLAN | Gamer295: Yea, I'll hop in a pub and invite you. I needed to warm up anyway.

CLAN | Gamer156: I think I might try and recruit some pubs for the clan while I'm there.

CLAN | Gamer295: Good luck. Most pubs are only interested in casual gameplay, and, if you do recruit a pub, you'll probably get a noob.

CLAN | Gamer156: We were both noobs at one point. I'm sure there's a pub out there who wants to spice up their gameplay a little.
by Wh00t Wh00t October 09, 2020

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