a way of life or concept that envelops the act of constantly fucking ur shit up
Pranav pubbed up all through his life which is why he has no pubes, no girlfriend, and no friends
by SIDTHEKIDFCB March 28, 2017
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The place where you can drink away your problems and no-one cares. You can meet other people who have similar problems. By looking at what they are drinking, you can tell if you what their problem is. If you share the same drink then the problem is the same. Also known as the Tavern of False Happiness
Man 1: Dude, my wife just left me.
Man 2: Woah! Sorry to hear that mate. Lets go down to the Tavern of false happiness and get you a double shot of whisky.
Man 1: The pub! Good idea. That bish will not stop me being "Happy"
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Someone who is worse than a nub.
That fucking nub just pwnt that guy... What a pub.
by zachhatesyou October 21, 2007
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A folder on a website or FTP that contains public files
There was some really cool warez in the pub on his FTP
by jaykms December 25, 2005
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Bush and the Pubs are going to defeat the Dems in 2004.
by Pat October 01, 2003
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I just took a piss in the bathroom, and there was a curly black pub on the toilet seat.
by Matt OLLIE January 04, 2007
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