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the loveable duck-like pokemon who is afraid of water and often seems frazzled
little kid: "you look like a psyduck."
mean guy: "shut up kid"
by Allisoooooon September 23, 2006
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Psyduck - the duck pokemon although it's type is water and normal psyduck can learn physic moves hence "Psy" Psyduck suffers from constant headaches and when strong enough .... let's just say considered yourself PWNED.

Psyduck also happens to be the most bad ass pokemon around.
Misty- " psyduck use confusion "
Psyduck- "KABOOM!"
by The Almighty Gooch April 05, 2010
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Psyduck: The Retard Pokémon.

PokéDex: While Psyduck's main interest seems to be annoying the hell out of the sane, it also shows incredible disinterest in learning new things such as how to swim.

Other Interests: "Sigh"ing, having less intelligence than a pickle, staring contests, becoming a pickle, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder towards tilting its head, ferociously attacking pickles, etc.
Psyduck is the number one enemy of dill pickles. Beware, my shrivelly friends. Beware.
by LunarlightChronicles February 15, 2008
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Psyduck is that retarded orange duck with less hairs than your nose. All he says is Psyduck and his name doesn't even sound like it has a "P" in it! And why does Misty have it!?
Psyduck, you're so retarded!

Not you Psyduck!

Oh no here comes the retard, Psyduck!
by Sirena Baboon Balonez August 05, 2006
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