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A group of A-grade students who created a small gang during school designed to take the piss out of the famous "G-Unit", now one of the biggest, and dangerous, nottingham gangs "Fresh Unit" has become a lot more than a joke. With organised crime, weaponry and underground boxing clubs (known as FUN clubs, (F)resh (U)nit (N)ottingham) it must be one of the most serious and big money producing criminal gangs in Great Britain. Originally founded by Samuel B Slater, "Fresh Unit" has been expanding ever since it was created and now has over 60 unnofficial members.
I wish i was a part of Fresh Unit, but obviously I am not good enough.
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
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An infamous nottingham gang consisting of around 60-70 members who go around doing fucked up shit. The main leaders are Samuel B Slater, Joel Baldry, Glen Nicholls, Jonothan Hodgekinson, Jason Swan, David widdowson and Gareth Stone. Their graffitti design artist is Sam Moore. They all used to go to the same school but have now left school but are still part of fresh unit.
fresh unit are wkd
by john fredson June 14, 2004
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'Fresh Unit' originaly a gedling comprehensive school gang,crew or click that has now expanded acroose numerous hoods. 'Fresh Unit' is an organisation or individuals devoted to spitting ill rhymes and sick flows acroos a wide variety of dope beats, they have a unique graffiti style and are responsible for numerous crimes against society such as...vandalism and theft of dignity all the way to plane hijacking. It is official...if your a whack mc or rhyme biting moron youd better watch urself because 'Fresh Unit' are on your case friend.
F-F-Fresh unit are spectacular
by Anonamous June 26, 2004
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