it meant by possibility or probability.

usage : said instead of saying yes
by jibo7399 August 1, 2011
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your on the phone and your man ask you do you want me to buy you something from the store and you i guess so.
by OSHI March 24, 2005
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Typically in direct response to the conversation at hand. Usually ironically or ironically, and at the very most making little sense to what's being said. The phrase is usually used by females who over use acronym such as ''LOL" in every sentence and can not provide any substance to a conversation. While at the same time calling everyone dry and boring.
Dereck: Hey Sarah, have you seen that video going around?
Sarah: ye y lol
Dereck: I haven't got a chance to see it. What's it about?
Sarah: O lol
Dereck: Anything interesting on it?
Sarah: no lol
Dereck: I like the shirt you had on today at school.
Sarah: lol i guess so lol
Dereck: Good talk.
Sarah:.......huh? y u leaving?
by Real_Meaning January 31, 2021
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