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v. an act similar to stalking in a way that you sneak up behind another and breath on them slightly. Usually done by a disliked person unwanted from a group. One does not pross in joke, to pross is a serious mental instability usually brought on by social rejection. Prossing is limited almost exclusively to males and is almost always directed to a member of same sex.
Peter continually prossed Kevin to the point of him filing for a restraining order
by bingo12 March 22, 2007
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Someone who can't go a minute in a conversation without lying. Beyond exaggeration to the point where people actually get mad and want to punch or spit on that person. Normally Male with short black hair, and the features of a crack baby.
Johnny: Dude, last night I was driving and i had my arm out the window and a car hit my arm going the opposite direction.

Evan: Dude, shut up.

Johnny: Then I went in the woods and found a Heroin Factory.

Evan: I will spit in your face if you don't stop lying you fucking Pross!
by Snoopy542 December 07, 2010
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