I was fucked last night. I ended up taking two grams of dizzle out with me.
by TomGuy October 22, 2012
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Dizzle; adjv- A female with acceptional physical
attributes. Hott. Beautiful. Cutey. A girl who is doin her thing and
doin it well. DAAAYYMN!. Fly lil mama. A confident woman who got her
swag proper. Mas chica caliente. Muchacha bonita. ...You.Also
see: Dizzlette, Deezzy, Nugget, BABYGURRL!, HelloDizzle, Oh My God,
...D-IZ-Z-LE, Dihiihiizzle, Cheese, Brains are sexy too, Cougars, MILFs,
Dirty Girl, Whats yo name!.
Hey did you see that dizzle walk in?

When we went to the club there were dizzles everywhere.
by Texas Dizzles November 15, 2010
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Dizzle = Deal...
Deal = Agreement
1. a business transaction:
2. arrangement for mutual advantage:
3. to buy or sell drugs

Done dizzle.
I jus got a phat dizzle on a pound.
They closed the dizzle after a week of negotiating.
The best dizzle in town.

by Michelle Carter August 12, 2007
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1.Dig it
3.Dis guy (this guy)
6.Erect Penis
1."It does if ya dizzle"
2."No Dizzle is for shizzle (sure)"
3."Look at Dizzle cloth (clothes)"
4.Dan came from Don, meaning the boss and the word don has once again changed to suit present slang as "dizzle"
5.Another meaning of Don, but this one can be used in a sentence like "That lion is well Dizzle"
6."dis girl proper suckout Dizzle"

by -_-MAJOR-_- January 15, 2009
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A Dizzle is an act in where the person in the passenger seat in a car orders the driver to slow down, winds down his window, wanks, and yet skilfully cums into the face of an innocent pedestrian.

Extra points are rewarded if they are female.
Yo yo get yo dick out theres some peng gash up ahead

Nah gonna dizzle that biatch

=Cum outta window=

...1 Man point earned!
by M00NB34M January 16, 2011
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dick, penis, cock, rooster
suk my dizzle
im with dizzle -->
his dizzle goes fizzle wen he wizzles!!
by Pop goes tha Noodle!! August 20, 2005
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When a cashier rightfully secretly charges a customer an extra amount of money to get something for him or herself in response to the rudeness and/or dumbassness the customer displayed to the cashier.
Worker 1- "Man, that guy was a dick. No worries though... I dizzled his ass"

Worker 2- "Nice"

Worker 1- "...here have some of the Mamba he bought me"
by Tron314 April 03, 2007
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