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Acronym standing for "Vice President I'd Like to Fuck". Term not popularly used until the 2008 presidential election.
Pundit 1: Not since Geraldine Ferraro has there been a female vice presidential candidate
Pundit 2: Forget Geraldine Ferraro! Now Sarah Palin, there's a VPILF!
Pundit 1: Word.
by GucciLittlePiggy September 4, 2008
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A condition that causes a person to search fruitlessly for a pair of shades that are already on top of his or her head.
Natasha kept looking for her shades, but they were on her head. Must be ray-bamnesia.
by GucciLittlePiggy August 13, 2008
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1. The brand of vodka you are allowed to drink with a "drink ticket" given at the door, also called "well vodka".

2. The brands of cheap vodka that serve as a one-way ticket to a very nasty hangover.
Ginger: Dude, how was the company Christmas party?

Red: Ugh... I had way too much ticket vodka.
by GucciLittlePiggy September 2, 2008
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Headache caused by the weight of one's hair pulling on the scalp, usually as a result of a ponytail or other updo.
Man, I've got to let my hair down. It's been up all day and I've got a helluva hairache.
by GucciLittlePiggy November 5, 2008
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The act of sifting through the fallow stems, seeds, and shake of one's remaining marijuana purchase in the hopes of picking out something worth smoking.
Pothead 1: Dizzle, let's smoke up.
Pothead 2: Diz, you're buying this time. I've already been prospecting for days.
by GucciLittlePiggy August 20, 2008
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