When JR expertly put the boat on the boat lift with extreme skill and precision he just properated.

When Matt had a threesome he operated. When Matt had a threesome and i filmded it, we properated.
by CashHoesMoney August 19, 2010
Pronounced 'Prop-er', or 'Propa'

Used before a word to emphasise it's meaning.
1. This box is proper heavy.
2. I have a proper head-ache.
by Adsy Tank March 24, 2008
To make more proper; to clean up; to dignify; to make classy.
Individual: Properize this, and your film will be much better.

Director: Properize...huh?
by KDubyaaa September 11, 2008
Its another word for loads. Used by a few in london. Not very known but fun to use.
Thats proper hairspray youre applying Mo0olly Mate From Myspace tm.
by Willow Bird June 14, 2008
2B properness is...

"to be, or not to be,"quintessential postmodern expression of positive creativity
he has 2B properness
by avesta August 2, 2010
when someone or something is heaps awesome/fit/hot/nice/good/great/wicked etc.
'that guy/girl is well proper'

'i went to the beach today and it was well proper.'
by michelle_super October 8, 2009

A colloquial phrase used to describe anything positive.

Regional to the East Midlands.
You look really Proper Norris in that dress

I really enjoyed that film. It was so Proper Norris

"Kasabian are the most Proper Norris band of the century" (Tom Meighan)
by meeji luigi January 16, 2007