9 definitions by Shitass, True God

When you dislike/hate something or someone so much you get outta there in a flash
Random Guy: "Dude look at this cursed image"

Me after seeing it: *Nopety Nopes outta there*
by Shitass, True God May 2, 2021
You wanted to type in Skeppy the YouTuber but you removed the First and Last letter.

Why are you still here?
Hugh Dick: "bro I just typed kepp"

Moe Lester: "why"

Hugh Dick: "IDK"
by Shitass, True God April 16, 2021
The past tense of Promise. Made sure they will do something or that something will happen.
"I promised to go to the park at 2:30pm"

"He promised to stop with the jokes but he didn't stop"
by Shitass, True God May 1, 2021
A bald child in a website that fucking loves chuck e cheese and gets grounded by boris the dad why the hell is he here
Goanimate calliou: I like chuck e cheese i will sneak there

Boris: OH O HO HO H OHOH HO H HOW DARE YUO SNEAK TO CHUCK E CHEESE DATS IT UR GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR 54865190745709837098749793487493747934889237983274093793479082473-5487-53468937293789740378932739844237934747394798472879838479372837947283989702397389710971908797340970948193748471892364793095634719584798570791369420849739748793797489327594917493874879327893279838798482798157-74378902 YEARS GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!

by Shitass, True God April 28, 2021
A word of ultimate tomfoolery that destroys anyone when said backwards
Guy 1: Hi
Guy 2: Hello there (General kenobi)
Guy 1: Can you spell Kid Amongus backwards
Guy 2: Yeah sure it's sugnoma dik
Guy 1: haha he never knew it was sugnoma- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
by Shitass, True God August 13, 2021
Lives in San Diego. He doesn't know what he is, but knows he tastes good. Has also caused over 90% of deaths in San Diego!
Killer fish, killer fish from San Diego. I don't know what I am, but I taste really good. I'm a killer fish. Hello, I'll be your killer fish for this evening
by Shitass, True God September 7, 2021