When you see a girl that has potential to be good looking but she might be a little chubby or need some work on her. A guy takes her as a project and turns her into a good looking girl.
Jon: Hey Shane can that girl be a project for you ?
Shane: I don't know tough to say, might be beyond repair.
by avik86 February 02, 2011
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Where you grew up your whole life; Trying to make the best with what you got you dont need no cable outchea jump off the porch thats entertainment; We got them block partys going on where we just wild out; Fam chills and kicks it on the porch where shit get rowdy when the street lights come on; Where 5-0 doesn't belong' Where NOBODY likes/ fucks with 5-0 ; 5-0 try to come get you or follow you projects everybody know everybody your dawgs got you. Where females talk greezy out their cum guzzlin traps where mostly all ni**as "think" they can play every female & never find out yeah right anything and everything is heard! if you well known ;
Projects basically our home; Wu-tang, Bop, Bootyy dance Etcc;
projects; city slumm
by Im Herrr Mrs.239 April 01, 2009
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Where all the stupid gangsters live. When people walk through other people's "Projects". According to the "Stupid gangster code" you are supposed to attack them.
Guy:"Stay the fuck out of my projects!"
Guy:*Attacks them*
by Deutsch mann May 29, 2005
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Dormitory life. College dormitories.
Damn, with all the graffiti, drugs, alcohol, puke, grime and chaos, the dorms feel like the fuckin' projects!
by DeeAr May 14, 2007
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Where a kid named "Tommy Powell" Lives.
Oh shit, Tommy Powell is poor, he lives in the projects.
by Syzygy April 07, 2005
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