3 definitions by Moshe Jacobson

1. (n.) A work in progress
2. (n.pl.) Government subsidized housing for low income families (see projects)
3. (n.) Someone one card short of a deck, or who is socially a little awkward.
1. I'm working on a large engineering project for my company
2. Seemingly safe Atlanta's high crime rate is usually attributed to the extremely high concentration of crime in the projects.
3. You know that Pete still wears shorts when it's snowing outside? That guy's a real project...
by Moshe Jacobson November 11, 2004
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(noun) A city in the West African nation of Mali, known for its extreme inaccessibility. Now it is used to mean any extremely distant and inaccessible location.
We used to have each other over for dinner on a regular basis, but then she moved out to Timbuktu, and we haven't done it since.
by Moshe Jacobson November 9, 2004
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Nothing of value. From Yiddish 'bobkes;, meaning 'little beans'. See bupkis
"We got bubkes! We turn ourselves in now, they'll give us twenty years in the electric chair!" -- Dan Aykroyd as "Mother", in Sneakers (1992)
by Moshe Jacobson November 9, 2004
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