3 definitions by Boycott Rolimon

etb, or Embedded Trade Bot, is the best trading auto bot that sends trades by itself. (Not bias) Easy to set up and is cheaper than most trade bots. There are many features such as the mass send command.
Person 1: Yo, which trade bot is better, Olympian or Cry?
Person 2: Wtf? Those are shit bots dumbass, I use etb.
by Boycott Rolimon June 09, 2021
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When a limited item on Roblox RAP (recent average rap) shoots up by a lot more than what it usually stables at. Which it seems like it’s worth more than it’s supposed to be. Let’s say a limited item that’s usually stable around 1.5k, some retard buys it for 1 million robux on his alt account, the rap now becomes about 100k but the starting price would still be around 1.5k because that’s how much it’s actually worth. The people who own that item now would try to trade it to someone more than 1.5k
Person 1: Yo, I accepted a trade, I gave 5k for an egg that’s rap says 15k! 10k win!
Person 2: No dumb fuck, that egg is worth 1k check the graph and price. It’s a projected. You lost 4k idiot.
by Boycott Rolimon June 09, 2021
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A rich roblox trader who thinks he’s good at trading. Mostly get his trades from plugs and beaming people.
Person 1: Bro, should I trade with him?

Person 2: Nah bro, he’s a Ziphur, all his items are stolen.
by Boycott Rolimon June 08, 2021
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