Technical term for feeling of euphoria when a solution is found to a particularly difficult computer software problem.
Robert had a progasm when he found the bug in his code one week from deadline.
by CaptainEntendre May 5, 2006
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The feeling you get when your programming code works for the first time
After writing 500 lines of code I got a progasm
by DiskJunky January 31, 2008
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What happens when you see yourself on TV, either in a newscast or video, by millions of people.
Mike had a progasm after seeing his selfie appear on the 6 o'clock news.
by Bruce Black February 14, 2018
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When listening to progressive rock, a progasm can be reached when you go very deep into the music and that you let it take control over you. This instrumental trance can be called a progasm, especially when you actually wet your pants doing it. One of the main particularities of the progasm is that it is often accompanied by frenetic air-guitar playing, as well as air-keyboard, air-drum, air-bass, air-flute or even air-accordion.

Why is the progasm only related to ''progressive music'' ?

Progressive music often contains extended solos and very complex interplay between many kinds of instruments, some of them being pretty unusual. A song which is constituted of several tempo changes, unusual time signatures, incredibly fast arpeggios, absolutely original synth sounds, dissonant chords, a church organ interlude and out-of-this-world vocal harmonies has more chance to simply blow your mind than a standard 3-minute pop song. Real progheads can actually get sexually excited when hearing a fully accomplished prog song.
OMFG dude. Did you listen to this overextended keyboard solo by Keith Emerson? This is just fucking awesome: I had a progasm!!!
by Baube3 January 14, 2009
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Pro Proness Protastic Protasm

Something that is so pro thats its rated like an orgasm.
but has the salad fingers flava to it cause "orgasmic" was such a good word
example 1

bong salesman; "dude have you tasted this falafel?"

butterfly catcher; "shit yeah! who hasn't? it's totally progasmic"

example 2

nerdboi619;"hey man i kno your l337 and all so i bet you've tried out the new expansion pack for it everything i dreamed?"

afrofizzle2240; " yer mon the graphics are progasmic"
by Amanda King March 21, 2008
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The feeling of immense pleasure one experiences after completing something very difficult.
After I won that race I had a progasm.

I jumped my car over the river yesterday, and I definitely had a progasm.

by KitK January 10, 2009
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When you're a total narcissus about your profession and think you're so much better than anyone else at it, it gets you off.
God I love my job, I'm such a success and do it so well it gives me a progasm!
by dj_nafi August 15, 2015
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