A dude that has pyshic mind power stuff going on and wheels himself around in a wheel chair. He is the leader of the X-men.
Proffesor X beat Magneto up with the help of his floating wheel chair
by Dane Echinas September 21, 2003
1. Scrabble-enjoying hetero soo-per genius (sorry, Who Banger, not "faggot"... but I can't fault you for wishful thinkin'...) who can't afford to go to the prom because he has to save every effin' dime to go to MIT and invent the technology to keep America #1 so ungrateful homophobes like Who Banger can whine on this website.
2. Witty contributor to this website who enjoys free publicity from folks like Who Banger... god bless 'em.
Why yes, Professor X kicks ass at Scrabble and has two parents who reminded him on prom night that the fat chick wasn't worth chewing his arm off at dawn to escape from the motel room.

Professor X is smart, true, but can't fathom how it took Who Banger more than two weeks to find himself defined on this website!
by Professor X May 25, 2003
Some guy who thought it was a good idea to insult me because he know's I'm right about him. See prom night
by Who Banger May 23, 2003
I gotta say, Who Fucker or whatever, you sound fairly um.. "dumb", one might say? But the internets fucking crazy. how many people would die if it ended tomorrow?
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003
you guys dont know sh1t about anything. if i find out where any of you lived it'd be over, b1tch.
by frank morrissey November 11, 2003
A man who looses sensation in their legs as a result of sitting on the toilet for too long.
Hey, did you hear about Travis? He professor X’ed himself because fell asleep while taking a shit.
by Chase77 August 12, 2018