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syn. "prom night"
1. parental-advised prostitution
2. one of America's shining examples of the double-standard, where teenage boys and girls are expected to be wholesome and whores/players at the same time.
"Oh my gawd, our Shoshana looks so buh-yootie-full. And Tyrone is so taw-ull, dock and handsuhm." (translation = if Shoshana doesn't come home wearing Tyrone's DNA as eye-liner, she'll actually have to work for a living or Tyrone must be gay.)
by Professor X May 03, 2003

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syn. "prom", "the prom"
1. Unusual American custom in which otherwise Puritanical just-say-no parents support, tolerate, approve of or feign ignorance and/or disapproval of teenage public drunkedness, destruction of hotel property and lewd behavior.
2. Akin to primitive tribal rituals, where young females are made to look as desirable as possible by hopeful parents, then turned over to spear-equipped young males.
3. The lame, parent-and-teacher-sponsored event preceeding a night of Animal-House-level debauchery at the town's Holiday Inn.
4. Liberally-applicable euphemism for losing one's virginity, out-drinking a sailor on shore leave, participating in one's first gang-bang or date rape, milking the football team's gnads dry, etc.
5. prevarication of ascension to manhood, by one's claiming to do any of the many aforedescribed acts in 4., oft used by the less worthy of the young males who by some force majeure managed to attend or coincidentally be at the same location as the event and/or activity.
1. (on being told his son fucked the stoned cheerleader from behind so hard that the balcony railing collapsed and they both landed in the pool) "C'mon officer, it's just prom night."
2. "Oh my gawd, owr dawter looked so stunning for the prom!"
3. "Dude, after prom, Wendy's playing the woodwind section... know what Im' sayin'?"
4. "So, did you have a good prom?"
5. "Dude, the prom was AWESOME!"
by Professor X May 03, 2003

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Based on the pursuit of personal info by fellow internet users beyond what is normally acceptable by a user under the handle "Oogie". To "Oog" indicates any act beyond what is socially acceptable, or any act closely resembling stalking, that involves stockpiling information on other users in an effort to gain data on their personal life.

"I oogied some info and now have your personal home telephone number, your daily work hours, how many kids you have, what schools they attend, where you work, and how much you got paid last week...you know, the basics."

by Professor X October 10, 2005

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1. Scrabble-enjoying hetero soo-per genius (sorry, Who Banger, not "faggot"... but I can't fault you for wishful thinkin'...) who can't afford to go to the prom because he has to save every effin' dime to go to MIT and invent the technology to keep America #1 so ungrateful homophobes like Who Banger can whine on this website.
2. Witty contributor to this website who enjoys free publicity from folks like Who Banger... god bless 'em.
Why yes, Professor X kicks ass at Scrabble and has two parents who reminded him on prom night that the fat chick wasn't worth chewing his arm off at dawn to escape from the motel room.

Professor X is smart, true, but can't fathom how it took Who Banger more than two weeks to find himself defined on this website!
by Professor X May 24, 2003

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1. Any fucktard who can't rub two brain cells together to meaningfully contribute to this fine but under-appreciated form of American culture and instead uses Urban Dictionary merely as a message board to voice criticism with a definition or someone else's superior command of the English language, or to make personal attacks on those who do contribute glibly and often.
2. An entity or person needing a cooler or just plain better handle.
1. Dude, I thought that "prom night" definition was fucking hilarious... and like most successful comedy bits, very true. Who's the uptight "Who Banger" trying to trash it? What an ignorant douche-bag!
2. Who the fuck would call itself "Who Banger?" Oh, of course, a Who Banger.
by Professor X May 08, 2003

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