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when you don't want to do your work, and you're also tired, you will take a short nap in the meantime and finish work later. one of the best ways to procrastinate.
I don't want to write this paper, so I'm going to take a procrastinap in the meantime.
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The direct usage of a nap to avoid or otherwise put off completing an obligation.
"I was gonna finish this essay last night, but the motivation was not happening and I ended up taking a fat old procrastinap."
by Satanbean October 12, 2014
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When you really don't want to do something and keep procrastinating, which makes you feel tired, drained and run down just thinking about doing it, so you take a nap instead which prolongs your procrastination.
"I really didn't want to study on Saturday so I took a procrastinap instead"
by Rooks M. June 01, 2013
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Taking a nap instead of doing your responsibilities
"Hey have you seen Steve today?"
"Na I heard he was taking a procrastinap"
by PrickleFish February 01, 2016
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