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To avoid pooping until later. Often done when playing video games, in a public place, or on a first date.
Randolph: How was your date with Cindy?

Thomas: Not good. I had to procrapstinate all day at the park. I told her I was sweating because I was hot.
by Gnarwall April 01, 2011
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When you really have to take a crap but refuse to in order to do other fun stuff thats going on.
I was on a 13 kill streak in COD and suddenly I had to shit real bad, but i had to procrapstinate so I could finish the round.
by Jizzlemcdizzle May 18, 2011
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To delay crapping until the urge goes away or you almost have an accident.
I was so involved in the video game, I procrapstinated for over two hours.
by Flurgewhipple August 23, 2017
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