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When you really need to take a dump, but you just don't want to because of a specific reason or reasons. i.e. Favorite show is on or finishing homework.
Person 1: Man, i really gotta take a shit badly...

Person 2: So go.

Person 1: No way dude, my show's on.

Person 2: Procrapstination again? Fine, go explode from shit.
by DeliciousTurds September 29, 2010
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Taking time before an important task to enjoy the simple pleasures of a long crap.
"procrapstination always gets in the way of my studies, less tacobell and I would probably be able to get more work done" -Frederick Douglas
by Leeskeez July 06, 2011
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The act of deferring bowel movement for an extended period. Usually seen in people I who have to attend long events at places other than one's own home. Typically results in constipation of varying degrees and is almost always evident with increased anal venting. Examples of events that might invite procrapstination are multi-night stays at a relative's house and camping.
I fell victim to my own procrapstination this weekend working as a camp counselor. Those in-cabin stalls aren't places of free expression of excretory sounds and smells.
by AnneRKee666 March 12, 2017
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