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well a procel has a very explicit definition. A procel is commonly a guy that is seen as a loser, or a wuss, or a tet, or a dork etc. Procel is a term used mostly in spanish. But Procel has also other meanings. You can say someone is a procel when they gather most of this caracteristics:
-wears pants tight in the bottom and above the waist
-wears rare shoes like O3 brand or other weird shows
-wears tight jackets that have the name of the country they think they belong to, which may be actually true because they may look like that.
-are fat and have very clear skin, and usually have blonde hair and blue eyes, for which they may think they're attractive.
-drive red cars giving ride to all the characters they can and while driving they stare stupidly at the sky, this one's simply incredible
-they have a though and dumb voice and like to speak fast and saying many things in sexual connotations
-they may actually be homosexual
-procel is just a term to describe males
-have such big cheeks, a birthmark in one, and a round face
-they speak majorly about sexual stuff, and have that 'perverted' look when they're happy and chillin with their mates
-procels usually smell their hand constantly, and then they smell the other one, this is seen more commonly when those dorks are nervous, or anything, oh ah and of course when they are smelling their hand (or otherone's) and you stare at them, they stop doing it, or even look for a more private place to do their thing alone. Just everyone that knows a procel probably thinks a procel's hand smells like shit or something,. Man, procels are such nasty characters.
Hey wtf!! look at that guy, he's smelling his hand in such a weird way, ohh look again, he's now smelling the other one, he's such a procel.

Dude, have you seen this dork, he dresses with tight trousers in the bottom, and every day wears those fuckin stupid australia jackets, what the heeck with that procel!!
by Friendly one July 03, 2006
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