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a word used by antis and gatekeepers in fandom to describe a fictional pairing (or even just a character) that they do not personally like. often used as an excuse to attack and gaslight shippers (people who do like the paring) and other fans.

some reasons for things being "problematic" are that they are considered abusive, the characters are/were enemies, one is a villain, there is a large age gap, there is a small age gap, the relationship is incestuous, the relationship *seems* incestuous, one character is a minor, both characters are minors, the anti does not like the ship personally, the relationship is gay and loved by women fans, the relationship is straight...the list goes on.
Anti: "you shouldn't ship reylo, it's very problematic."
Shipper: "i really shouldn't indulge you, but how?"
Anti: "it's abusive because they're enemies and kylo ren is a fascist. also rey is child-coded and they are cousins."
Shipper: "uh...what?"
by Maven Morozova January 21, 2021
someone who doesn't care what other people ship in fiction and fandom, because it's not real and you should be able to enjoy fandom without gatekeeping antis. pro shippers may or may not ship a "bad" ship, but it doesn't matter because if you don't like it, you just click away or blacklist a tag.

pro shippers are sometimes people who are writing dark concepts and relationships for cathartic reasons related to their own trauma, and they are sometimes people who just like dark stories in general because they're interesting. of course there is the occasional pedophile, because that's impossible to avoid, but the majority of pro shippers are just people who care more about respecting opinions rather than sending hate.

see also: pro shipping, proship, pro-ship
Pro shipper: I don't really care what you ship as long as you tag it properly. We shouldn't send hate to people.
Anti: I agree. But you still shouldn't ship insert "bad" ship! It's really unhealthy because character a is 41 and character b is 18! You're a pedophile!
Pro shipper: This is exactly what I mean.
by Maven Morozova January 21, 2021
an acronym of the popular Kylo Ren x Reader fanfic "Fix Your Attitude" by Kassanovella, first published on Archive of Our Own in 2016 and later posted on Wattpad after going viral on TikTok in early 2020. FYA is well-known for its infamous use of lightsabers as a phallic object, and the heavy BDSM relationship. It's the most popular Kylo Ren/Reader fic on Ao3 AND Wattpad, with over 300k hits and almost 10k kudos on the former, and 3.4 million reads and 36.9k votes on the latter.
Tiktok #1: Omfg yk some people call FYA the "my immortal of gen z," right?
Tiktoker #2: yeah apparently kylo f*cks you with his lightsaber...i havent been able to look at mine the same since oof
Tiktoker #3: guys what the fuck???
by Maven Morozova December 6, 2020