The best Verses Fighting Game ever made by Capcom and the 2nd installment of the "Marvel Vs Capcom " Series. This game has 56 characters and is very popular in Fighting Game Tournaments. It is also a very strategic, deep, skillful game.
AHVBs, rush downs, lock downs, cancles, guard breaks...MvC2 ownz!
by MvC2 Lady February 14, 2005
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The fourth installment in Capcom's "Versus" series.
a revamped version of the old-skool street-fighter style games on speed (and probably acid too).
Easy to play, difficult to master.
Although unbalanced character power-wise and looked down on due to it being a 2D fighting game (with sprite quality and animation largely unchanged throughout the series) this game offers an extreme amount of longevity to those who appreciate the game for what it is.
by Duffath May 14, 2005
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