1.) n.: A total asshole, jerk, or jackoff (or jagoff).
2.) n.: A guy's dick.
3.) v.: To poke something with a sharp or edged object.
Stop being such a prick! No wonder she don't like you!
....his favorite trick was to stand on his prick and roll around on his balls.
I pricked the balloon.
by Journey Fan December 02, 2004
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A male bitch in the sense of an unpleasant, rude or nasty person.

But you don't say "prickslap" when you want to bitchslap a man who acts like this.
"I can't stand George OR Laura. They're exactly alike. She's a bitch and he's a prick!"
by Bluejay May 08, 2004
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Jeff is such a prick, i hope he chokes on his own vomit!
by Blondie1972 April 29, 2008
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1. Someone who is completely worthless. An ankle-biting, washed-up rat bastard you'd rather see tied to the back of a car and driven through the fast line than anywhere else.

2. Somebody so stupid it's painful to those around them.
1. "That stupid prick sits on my fucking couch all day eating puffed cheesers and scratching his ass."

2. "Damned prick couldn't even understand an I Can Read book."
by Raeme May 15, 2003
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your ex-boyfriend who is so selfish and self-centered he doesn't care who he hurts nor does he possess the mental capacity to realize when he is being an insenstive bastard
what a prick. he's not worth his weight in dog do-do. he should go to hell.
by vetfik February 11, 2008
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