Sound used to express disbelief or to show something is obvious.
1. Joe: Yo, I got totally slooshed last night
John: Pshh, yeah right!

2. Jane: Did you go to Sam's party last night?
Sally: Pshh, OF COURSE!
by Lalalallalalalalalla June 24, 2005
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pshh can mean like (yeah right)
pshh nigga u aint gotta gun
by bucky23 September 3, 2003
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An exclamation used in any sorts. Mostly used as an interjection. Used mostly in an excited or sour tone.
Pshh! That boy is finee!

Pshh, he's no catch.

Pshh, I've got better things to do.

Pshh! You guys are all so loud!
by kydie November 27, 2005
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1. pshh-(con.)- What the fuck are you talking about? You are fobogus.

2. pshh-(vb.)- It's whateva; whatever you say; to insinuate a person being a jererakass (jackass by cataldi).

3. pshh-(sound)- To show an undecided opinion; to say thats stretching it too far.
1. Pshh, you iz fobogus you retad.

2. Pshh, whateva hatz.

3. Pshh! Iz you sleepin'?
by BizZ September 4, 2004
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A word or rather a sound effect used as an alternative for "Oh forget it" It is a word that derives from two genius boys who are most commonly known as the "pshh masters" It detects sarcasm and is used to prove that you don't believe someone or their statement without coming right out and saying it.
"I got a 105 on the vocab quiz!" Tom exclaimed.
"Pshh we all know you failed it," Bob replied.
by You think you know me February 6, 2011
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when some dutty ass woman is all up in yo face tryin to give it all that and she aint got shiz.
by lozza November 25, 2003
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A word used for showing lack of not caring. Mainly used to show that your better than another person.
"Hey! Can i come over to your house?"
"Pshh. No"
by lalagirl3 May 30, 2009
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