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A man who commands the respect of the people, until he starts to molest their children.
"A preist was wandering in the fields near his parish when a frog leapt on him and asked for help. The preist was surprised, but being a man of God, he picked up the frog and asked it what he could do to help. The frog told him that a wicked witch had turned him into a frog for some insignificant little sin, and that to lift the curse he needed to be shown kindness by a human.
"So the preist took the frog into his house and fed and bathed him, and tucked him into bed. And when he awoke next to him was not a frog, but an 11 year old boy!"

"And this, your honour, is the case for the defence."
by i_done_no_poo_here April 6, 2004
fortissimo! magicians use this to entice young boys.
Pavarotti likes ff a lot. He has a big belly.
by i_done_no_poo_here April 6, 2004