The feeling of regretting something you're about to do anyway.
Every Friday night, I pregret that I will go to the club. I know I will stand there like an idiot and won't talk enough game to bring anyone home with me.
by Aeronius January 16, 2006
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Seeing yourself in the future, and feeling regret for doing/not doing something in the time between now and then.
"I became my 60-year-old self and was overcome with regret for wasting so much time on the internet, that when I snapped back to "now", I felt immense pregret, for the time yet to be wasted."
by nobrayn May 28, 2014
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A probable regret that doesn't constitute much concern. A transient remorse.
My only pregret is that I didn't take enough pictures in life; my albums have wide gaps at times.
by Idaho Spanish March 07, 2009
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The uncertainty one feels before buying an article of clothing. Usually sets in while standing in line
Guy 1: "Awww, should I really buy this jacket?"

Guy 2: "I knew you would pregret this,"
by mojomunkeez April 12, 2010
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To regret a decision regarding a future event.
I already pregret my decision to meet her for lunch.
by Hejduk July 15, 2010
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The the feeling you experience when you're about to do something you know are going to regret but you do it anyways.

This includes but is not limited to: performing a dangerous or painful stunt in order to entertain your friends, being put in an awkward situation, having sex with an ugly girl, eating something you know is going to taste horrible, paying to see a bad movie or doing powerful hallucinogens for the first time.
I pregret all the alcohol I'm going to drink tonight!
by Hazanibis October 20, 2011
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verb | pre·gret |\pri-ˈgret\
The act of knowing you will regret a thing before you do it.

A state of mind, summarized with: "I'm going to regret this"
I bought tickets to that Steve Vai concert on Sunday, but I didn't book off work for the next morning. I'm already pregretting this.
by Basque JRED October 27, 2016
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