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In construction, a prefabricated house is produced in a factory, shipped out to building sites, and assembled by folks unequipped to design anything better. The prefab conservative, or prefab-con, brings the same attitude to political discourse: rather than using reason and critical thinking to craft arguments that fit the real world, he trots out prefabricated memes, arguments and conclusions that are passably functional at best. All too often, they are even worse: the typical prefabcon lives in an intellectual house of ugly, wobbly walls that collapse on themselves in slight gusts. Undaunted, he throws up another structure on the same spot, though that wolf named reality is standing right there, ready to huff and puff again.
Our generation has witnessed several prefab-cons, including, but not limited to, Sarah Palin and John McCain.
by John Schwenkler July 01, 2009
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