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A CRT stands for cathode-ray tube, a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits electrons that are accelerated as a beam through a relatively high voltage anode, further focused or deflected electrostatically or electromagnetically, and allowed to fall on a phosphorescent screen.

A more basic term would be "Monitor"; "Computer Screen" or "Television Screen"
Hey turn on your crt!
by Jon_K May 29, 2003

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On Unix or Unix based operating systems, commonly known as /dev/null or /dev/zero

On Windows systems, commonly the entire drive Windows is installed on.
mv /boot/vmlinuz /dev/zero
by Jon_K October 30, 2004

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Something prefabricated, especially a building or section of a building...

manufactured in standard sizes to be shipped and assembled elsewhere; "a prefabricated structure"

A double large mobilehome for instance is pre-fabricated and moved elsewhere.

-- Games call they're structures "prefabs" usually, such as the buildings in maps on games.
by Jon_K June 21, 2003

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A hacked AOL screen name in which that users account has been taken over by a hacker.
Hey, I got a new phish, want it?
by Jon_K May 29, 2003

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