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A combination of predator and peophile. Often seen strolling naked into a home of what he thought was a 12 year old girl on NBC's To Catch A Predator only to be tackled and beat down by the police upon his exit from the house.
Look at the creep over there with the camera. Looks like a fucking predophile.
by Larry Tiita April 19, 2009
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the combination of a predator and a pedophile; the mac-daddy of all creepers.
1) "hey, some predophile just started instant-messaging me on myspace."
2) "hello, my name is carlos, i live in manhattan and i have been stalking you for quite a while; in other words, i am a predophile.
3) larry king.
by rutchery. July 02, 2009
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Molestation of the word Derp so much that it is considered rape, and during the rape, you blew Derp's mind backwards, causing the backwards spelling of the word.
Kyle says Derp so much, he is considered a predophile.
by wolfie1025 October 17, 2009
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