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A teenage girl who insists on tagging herself in every Facebook photo of herself she can find...IF it's flattering.
"OMG! Donnie just uploaded 4,876 photos from our summer at Seaside! It's going to take me FOREVER to go through all of them to find the good ones of ME!".....such is the Plight of the Tag Hag.
by SheLarry January 04, 2011

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The splattering of doody on the back of the toilet bowl, usually placed there by a man, which sometimes takes on the beautiful effect of an Italian Renaissance mosaic. It is particularly difficult to remove and sometimes needs to be scraped.
While cleaning the bathroom this morning, I noticed the doody mosaic eerily resembled Alfred Hitchcock smoking a cigar.
by SheLarry June 22, 2010

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The elation and exuberance felt after dropping a large deuce.
There was no match to the Pooper's High Thomas experienced after his tasting tour of Northeast hot dog joints. He felt positively effervescent, refreshed, and ready to run a marathon.
by SheLarry March 09, 2012

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The constant talk and build up of near-future sex, usually from the male in a relationship, generally resulting in the female being a) annoyed, b) grossed out c) disinterested or d) any/all of a,b,c.
Bill is coming home early today. He called me with the preamble. Ew.

All this preamble is making me want to go eat a pizza instead of having sex.

Preamble pressure is the murderer of libido.
by SheLarry January 07, 2011

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