The music played at a venue before and during a band's set up.
1. I really like the preamble this place has selected.

2. Why does this place always play Reggae as its preamble?
by saynewkid August 5, 2009
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The constant talk and build up of near-future sex, usually from the male in a relationship, generally resulting in the female being a) annoyed, b) grossed out c) disinterested or d) any/all of a,b,c.
Bill is coming home early today. He called me with the preamble. Ew.

All this preamble is making me want to go eat a pizza instead of having sex.

Preamble pressure is the murderer of libido.
by SheLarry January 7, 2011
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n. The rituals and rites, the gathering of things and the tying of shoes, that immediately preceed a walk.
I'm almost ready to go on a walk with you, but I'm going through my preamble and I can't find my shoes or my keys.
by whitoutadoubt June 27, 2011
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The act of bringing your right fist into your left palm and, then, clasping them together close to one's chest, which makes a distinct slapping sound. This is most commonly done before the performer begins to tell an interesting story to his or her friends. The slapping sound also acts as a way to obtain the audience's full attention. Preambled fistclasps, for unknown reasons, usually occur when a male chooses to talk to his male friends about a female, or "bitch".
*preambled fistclasp* "So, dude, I was talking to this bitch..."

*preambled fistclasp* "Yo, broham, I ended up hooking up with that bitch last Saturday!"
by Stormy Weathers January 24, 2011
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Refers to the preliminary "look-see" stroll dat you make along a store's shelves prior to requesting assistance in locating a certain item of merchandise; this ensures dat you will not feel foolish --- and/or needlessly interrupt a probably-already-overly-busy store-employee --- by asking for help in finding something dat was actually right out in plain view all along, and so you could likely have spied it yourself if you'd simply been looking more carefully/closely.
I always make sure to do a through store-aisle preamble before calling an associate to help me find something I want to buy; it always a relief to see the employee pause and scratch his/her own head while seeking out my desired item (or have said staffperson regretfully tell me that either the store doesn't carry what I'd wanted or it's out of stock), since this means that I don't have to feel foolish or guilty for having "interrupted someone for nothing".
by QuacksO May 15, 2019
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