A word used by locals of Woodhaven, NY when referring to pornography. Though it may have been used this way by many other people, its popularity had increased after the creation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in which the protagonist of the game had to visit a location known as Prawn Island. Incidentally, the number one business on Prawn Island was a Porn Studio. The derivation of the use of the word Prawn, comes from the Internet lingo colloquialism to misspell the word Porn by reversing the center letters and replacing the o with a zero. "Pr0n". Use of the term "Prawn" has lead to the creation of a euphemistic meaning of the word "Shrimping". Shrimping: the act of watching porn while conducting a form of self gratification. Also: the act of surfing the web for new pornographic material.
<While on a crowded New York City J train>

K: Before I left the house I went shrimping for some Prawn and found this really crazy one with Sasha Grey, I sent it to you so you can check it out.

D: Seriously dude? I really didn't want to know that moments before getting on this train with me, you were shrimping.
by Captain Prawn Addiction January 27, 2010
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1. A shrimp.
2. A female with a good body but an ugly face. You would sleep with her, but her face is too ugly. Do the ^paperbag trick^ to these ^butther faces^.
1. "Let's go get some prawn's from Paddy's."
2. "Rip off her head and eat the pink bits inside, just like a prawn."
"I met a prawn last night...I took her home and by putting a brown paperbag over her head I was coming in minutes."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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Any scum eating low life who does not shower from the middle east that will put a dollar in front of the welfare of his family.
NATO Soldier- "I can't believe that prawn sold his own daughter, i'm glad I killed him."
by Spaniard2345 November 22, 2010
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to win victoriously and un-sympathetically
Jade: we prawned their asses real good
by Jerooo June 01, 2005
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Another term for Cray Fish, also known as "Craw Fish" and Craw Dads
I'm gonna go ketch me some of them there prawn
by jdonut July 07, 2003
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