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The ultimate ninja/spy/witch ever to be known to mankind. She is ruthless, nocturnal and enjoys strolls along the beach.
"Once I ran into Jaimee in a alleyway and I was never the same way again!"
by Wheezy101 November 21, 2007
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Most beautiful, weird, one of a kind, fun , smart girl with many personalities. She will make you laugh and many more words to discribe.
Wow who is she?

You can see it's a Jaimee
by Awe person# August 18, 2017
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1. A narcissistic ratchet witch who only thinks of her own self interest. This name contains both an "I" and a "me", in which the "mee" is emphasized.
2. A person who is never held accountable for their actions.
3. Someone who enjoys the company of a variety of addicts and felons.

4. A white girl with a jerry curl.
The world revolves around Jaimee, apparently.
by Szoom February 05, 2017
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A pretty way of spelling a name that can be given to either girl or boy, this spelling is generally used for girls.....
"Her name is Jaimee?" (i don't know, you think of a better example!)
by Tayla Hutchinson August 01, 2007
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the second coolest mofo in town. sneezes and teleports to the other side of the couch, with the help of video editors, of course. force feeds salt and vinegar chips and thinks caitlins hair looks like a vagina. is also known as edward cullen, but only in her mind. hates the color pink, but still wears it. finds burping and farting in slow motion extremely amusing. starts beanie mofo chats. wants caitlins mom to make her a cape with GIRRRRRR on it. her life and birthday was based around twilight. has gotten kicked out of stickam chats 13 times for having using fake hobo teeth, and best of all punched caitlin in her vagina.
jaimee mofo ima hit you with my pixie stick, and i don't fuckin care if that sounds dirty!!
by caitlinmofo September 21, 2008
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Jaimee is the coolest person you will ever see. She has the craziest friend ever she is Kristin. And they hang out together all the time. Jaimee is the hottest red head you'll ever meet on the face of this earth.
Guy1: Who is that?
Guy2: Who?
Guy1: That hot red head over there.
Guy2: That's Jaimee she's hot.
Guy1: And her hot brunette friend?
Guy2; Why that's Kristin the hottest Bruntette you will ever meet on the face of this earth
Guy1: I can tell.
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A cute, funny, adorable, and lovable girl who deserves the entire world. She’s incredibly talented, intelligent, and an all around wonderful girl that’s easy to love :>
Makani is really lucky to be dating a jaimee.”

“she’s dating a jaimee?”
hopefully after this.”
by Jaihyun~ October 01, 2017
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