Quaint, little pioneer town nestled at the foot of the Superstition/Goldfield mnts. Apache junction =small town w/ mom/pop restaurants, small businesses, Multi-gen, skate park, ball fields, Parks/Rec, high school drama, horse lovers, old west re-enactors, cyclists, campers, hikers, & nature lovers. You will also find a crowd of new age practitioners. There is a wonderful branch of Central Arizona College, who touts beautiful, state of the art architecture in it's recent campus expansion. CAC offers a variety of classes for anyone from recent high school graduates and GED seekers, to those who want to just refine some skills in a couple of subjects. They provide our community members with a few traditional two year degree programs, as well as a varietal ala carte menu of lifelong learning courses. All of this is surrounded by Superstition riparian areas, National Forest, quick access to 4 lakes and a river, an arboretum, national Monuments, miles of biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails, and sight-seeing. In the cooler months, AJ is busy w/ retirees and bikers. I don't know if the locals want to share this place with anyone else. We don't need any more roads or people. You're ok to come stay a few months during the winter, but be prepared to spend your money, be treated very well, and then go home, so the locals can take some time off to enjoy all of the outdoor and water recreation during the summer month. REMEMBER TO PACK IN/PACK OUT! We don't want your trash.
I live in Apache Junction, and WOW! I had a fantastic, and lucrative winter! Now that the parades and all the events are over, and all of the birds are going home, we are going to pull out the kayaks and meet up with all of our other off-season friends from the Ghost-town gunfighters club and the Renaissance festival to take a trip on Canyon lake. This is going to be one fantastic summer!
by horselover96 September 17, 2013
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Apache Junction is a city in Arizona, about 40 miles from Phoenix and the Central Metropolitan Area.

also known as AJ, Apache Junction is far away from the civilized cities of Arizona, it is a far drive for most people living in the metro area, which is a good thing.

Apache Junction is virtually 100% white trash shit. The population of Apache Junction is 95% white trash inbred rednecks, and 5% drunk fat indians who buy drugs from the rednecks.

It is known throughout the valley for being a METH haven. There are more meth-houses and cook-sites in this city than anywhere else in the state. The police are always arresting some redneck for making meth in his garage. Yet, the city is in the middle of nowhere and the police can't monitor all of it.

Apache Junction is also known for prostitution and nasty white trash whores. Since nobody works, all people do is fuck and sell drugs. So there are a lot of nasty, skank ass stinky hookers all over looking to make money for drugs, and their pimps are usually a big ugly hillbilly named Buck, or Buddy.

The schools have 50% dropout rates, and no colleges. There is not one normal, regular, classy person living in this city.

Apache Junction is the most nasty, filthy, dirty, drug infested, white trash, crime filled, vile, horrendous piece of shit city in the entire state of Arizona, and it should be used a testing site for nuclear weapons.

DO NOT GO TO APACHE JUNCTION if you visit Arizona.
guy 1: "damn look at that nasty white trash skank driving that 80's pickup truck with 3 babies in the front"

guy 2: "yah, she's from apache junction where everyone is a redneck with 3 babies in the front addicted to meth"
by LeeLaBadass July 6, 2011
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