Police use this term to refer to a telephone or phone call while speaking on their two-way radios.
Radio Traffic:

-"L57, can you give me a public service?"
-"Negative. My cell battery is dead."
by ilikewerds March 24, 2011
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The murder, or sometimes self-defensive, taking of a criminal's life. Often, but not always, committed by another criminal, such as in a shootout among rival gang members or a drug-deal that goes bad.
(1st person): Didja hear about the shooting last night behind the liquor store? Two guys got popped.

(2nd person): Yep. Those two were gang bangers that have been jacking up the neighborhood for months. But no more. I consider that a public service homicide.
by valkyriebiker February 17, 2009
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Mental health care services for select needy groups of the population provided by the government
Repealing the IMD exclusion from Medicaid would be a public health service for mental health care
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
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