a TV, which was really made for intoxicating the American public. It is also where Americans get there facts from nowadays. The TV.
by Ruslan K. October 6, 2008
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see your television

All news channels

All of Hollywood

All music video channels

All tv commercials

All Celebrities

All rap

The ACLU,NAMBLA,the KKK,Neo-Nazis(four of the same thing)
Your tv set will turn you gay or make you a horny "bi" and get you into group sex!

By making you immoral they make you a better "consumer whore" and make you less intelligent,thus making it easier to "erode your rights"....

I'm not saying that Republicans are wonderful,I'm just saying that Democrats are evil and deceitful as all hell.

Leftwing propaganda is everywhere!

Wake up and pay attention!
Politicians DO NOT have YOUR best interests at heart.
by I used to be a Democrat August 18, 2004
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a canadian on the wall who continues to spout retarded propaganda even though he's been told numerous times that no one cares. refuses to go to a political board, where he would be torn to shreds.if you encounter him, do not respond to his taunts! you'll only be feeding the troll!!!!!
omg! its the Canadian Statistic Propaganda Machine back on the wall again! has he no life? LETS ALL IGNORE HIM!!!!
by da trick biatch February 8, 2006
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