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The phenomenon that occurs when someone leaves the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper hanging out of their pants, giving the illusion that they are in the middle of a game of flag football.

*Guy walks by with tp hanging out of the back of his pants*

Witness #1: "Dude--that guy is playing flag football! You gonna let him score?"

Witness #2: "Bitch, I ain't tuggin that shit!"
by Ator February 27, 2008
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a gay game played by people with no life, who like to good game each other for no reason. kinda similar to canadian football, but with out the talent.
hey reico did you see me stuff that running back from the rear? I really blocked him by grabbing his flags. Now, get over here and give old michael a good game. Man I love flag football.
by moochcat November 11, 2006
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a different version of football where you have colored flags and boundaries besides that, it is like regular football.
Tom Brady: i used to play Flag Football
Joe Montana: Yeah me too
by JesusChristfootball September 21, 2011
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When a male wants to have sex with a female while she is on her period, but the female doesn't want to. Male yells "Flag Football" and object is for the female to try to score a touchdown by getting to the bed before the male pulls the flag aka string of tampon out. If male pulls out the flag then he gets to have sex.
Bob: I'm so tired from flag football last night.

Karl: Oh you play intramurals?

Bob: No dude, I played 3 games with my lady last night and I pulled her flag all 3 times.

NFL Tackle Football Touchdown Super Bowl
by Underdog007 May 22, 2013
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a group of middle aged scrubs attempting to play football
bishop moore all star, foxxy marks plays for the team still got it flag football team
by Flamingo15 September 30, 2010
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A game between friends where each take turns snatching the tails of furries, and running away as fast as possible. Some may keep the tails as trophies.
“You on for a game of flag football?”
“I’ll take the one with the green hair, you get the one with the blue.”
by dah pay October 21, 2021
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A particular football team that has excessive penalties.
The Wildcats are definitely the flag football team of the game tonight.
by Dr Dre' January 16, 2021
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