when you're writing a story and you want it in someone else's 'Point Of View'
Mary's P.O.V
I walked away

Tyrone's P.O.V
Mary just walked away from me and i don't know why.
by katylat May 16, 2016
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"POV" is the acronym for Power Operated Vehicle.

A "POV" is a 3 or 4 wheel electric handicapped scooter.
The patient decided to buy a "POV" instead of a Power WheelChair for various reasons.

The Disabled person was using a shopping "POV" in the store.
by Legit-PWD February 03, 2011
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A poor person who undergoes continuous financial burdens throughout life.
Yeah, that homeless guy going through the trash over there? See him? Yeah, he's a pov.
by PovBreaker7 January 15, 2009
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