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A religion that believes that potatoes are the ultimate source of life, and that everything began with potatoes.
Pat: What's your religion?
Eric: Potatoism
Pat: What's Potatoism?
by [JUSTI] July 19, 2017
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The belief of self ruling and or being your own god
Man: are you Jewish?

Other man: no I'm potatoish and I believe in potatoism
by Flyingspegett August 11, 2017
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A religion that is holy in all aspects.

Potatoists worship the holy moon baby and the small potatoes. They believe that the Meme Army protects them from the wretched Vegital who lives in the Chewy Boba land.

If a Potatoist lives a good life, they are judged and sent to the basket, a holy land ruled by potatoes. If they are bad, their souls are sent to the Vegital's Realm and their Potato is sent to McDonalds.

They believe that the world should be Sommunist.
Enlightened man: "Hail the Potatoes in all life!"

Average Man: "What do you mean?"

Enlightened Man: "It means that you worship the Moon Baby. It is the only way to live properly."

Average Man: "..."

*The room is filled with holy light.

Enlightened Man 2 (The Average Man): "Yes. All hail the Potatoes!!! I am now a true man of Potatoism!!!"
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by Supreme Comrade Stalin August 31, 2018
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When you believe in potatoes. There is a rule book
She believes in potatoism
by PotatoGRILL101 January 15, 2019
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