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Girls who are 5"3 and lower. Can be chubby OR skinny (not just chubby like you all think!)like I'm 5"3, but I am skinny. Short girls can come with short OR long legs, they can be curvy OR flat, and they can have big OR small butt and boobs. I'm just getting through the short girl stereotypes here.
Person: I would hate to be a short girl

Me: I would hate to be you
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by 123fortandbree December 02, 2018
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A girl who's height ranges from 5" 3 and lower. Usually very light somewhat chubby or very skinny. Use caution: Short jokes are a major turn off, they are sensitive about the subject. They are a perfect companion for a tall male in all aspects, they can reach objects that a tall male must bend down for, as a tall male can reach things on the "top shelf" that the short stature of the small girl limits.

Tall people develop (not always but often) back, leg, and knee problems, a short girl is perfect to have to aid this.
"Look at that short girl! She's so tiny! I want her!"

"Calm down short girl you may combust from excitement"
by Shortchick87 June 08, 2016
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The most overly steryotypical term ever. People think short girls are "small"and "weak" and actual kids. No, we need better respect AND we need to be taken more seriously in work or anywhere else. Get it through your head, being taller does not mean your better. This is the same for guys. Smart is the new sexy. This goes out to any person who is insecure about their short stature. You ARE amazing, and you are not going to be dominated or intimidated by any tall person who thinks they are better. You are strong. People ALWAYS think short girls (or any girl honestly )want a super tall dominative boyfriend. Honey, we want a man with a great personality. Short men are beautiful. In fact, tall men are way too overprotective. Now, to those of you who have been called small and weak too many times because you are short, TELL THOSE LOSERS to shut the fck up because you have worked out, gone to the gym, done intense sports, and you run as fast as hell. You know what else people think short girls LOVE to be called? Cute. Yes yes some short girls adore that, but hell no would I be one of them. It's another "reminder" that i'm short. I GET IT! LIKE OMG, I HAD NO IDEA I WAS SHORT.
"Short girls have to wear heals everyday, and they are fat and stubby and small. HAHA I feel bad for you your so tiny"

Honey, get with the damn program. Height, doesn't matter. LOOKS, don't matter. Intelligence, however, DOES. Maybe that's why I'm at a higher position than you at work. You know what that means? I MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU, BIATCH! I can wear flats whenever the hell I want, IDGAF if every damn person is towering over me.
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by 123fortandbree November 13, 2018
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a girl who deserves endless respect. you are not short you are petite and cute and boys love that! they love that thy can pick you up easily and play around with you. never feel bad about being short it’s nothing to be upset about !!
oh my gosh lindsey is so petite !

omg i know right so cute such a short girl!!
by 5’1shorty June 11, 2018
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totally adorable and usually chubby. can run around alot and usually not the best at sports. really light and likes piggy back rides. usually wear glasses. Have interest in masturbating . short girls are the ones you want to keep. Are mostly found with big butts.
"wooooaaahhh, natalie is really small!"

"i know right! poor thing, being a short girl made her a little chubby."

"poor short girls"
by blakeyouknoww March 01, 2015
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