A Posti is a german streamer who's got a tendency to butcher names. While the women struggle to resist a Posti's smile, laugh and outgoing personality, they're often pushed away by his terrible jokes and odd addiction to kuva farming. Posti can be used as both an adjective and a noun.
I've been streaming kuva farming all day today, I feel like such a Posti!

I saw a name appear and pronounced it backwards, really Posti'd that name.
by TwitchDrops January 14, 2019
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The state in which you are living like Post Malone; drinking Bud-Light, smoking cigarettes, not giving a fuck, and not remembering any of it the next day.
Dude! I was so Posty last night.
by swanyy May 30, 2017
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The worst word known in the unofficial English dictionary. Posty has many offensive undertones involving race, gender/sex, and religion. This word isn't something you should just throw around.
Tony: Fuck You!
Mike: Stop being a posty dude.
by HewTV November 18, 2020
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Postie, an Aussie slang term for Postman, the bloke that delivers your mail and parcels.
Mate 1: Oi, have ya checked the mail yet?
Mate 2: Nah mate, I haven't heard the postie come around yet
by Stingy M8 December 30, 2016
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In academic circles, a noun for someone who engages in post-structuralist, post-modern or post-colonial research. Also can be used as an adjective to describe anything relating to this research. Generally used somewhat pejoratively.
That new researcher is working on subalternality in Italian refugee policy. She's a total postie.

So are you going to the postie conference? I hear that they're giving presentations on Agamben and Derrida.
by homo_sacer September 13, 2010
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My boy posty just released a new ep
by Lovethatformyself September 9, 2018
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Post work drinks. Usually occuring immediately following the commencement of a mundane office job. pl. posties
Friday night lets meet at the pub accross the street from the office for a couple of posties.
by T-Bombs August 8, 2005
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