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when you finish a play or a musical and you feel like absolute shit afterwards. you have time to realize that your entire schedule was rehearsal, rehearsal, and more rehearsal. and you also realize that you have no life outside of theatre. im going through it right now, and theres been lots of crying, reading the script, reciting lines over the phone with the other leads, things like that. its emotional.
Friend- Hey, Erin, what's wrong?
Me- Oh, nothing... Just post-show depression
Friend- You do this after every show you're in.
Me- -nods sadly-
by erin banana November 17, 2013
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The feeling after a musical is over and you realize you have no life. After putting months into making a show perfect it is all over. It is a feeling of emptiness and sadness. Usually during the finale is when this begins. It can continue from then till weeks or months after the shows finished. You get little pangs when you see something that reminds you of the musical or when your sitting at home on a night when you would usually be performing or rehearsing. This depression is generally shared by most of the cast and the last show and cast party generally involves a lot of hugging, crying and beautiful parting words. When you run into one of your show family after this depression it usually involves a lot of hugging and crying and comes back for another couple of days. The only way to fully recover is to go head on into another project and remember all the good memories. It is a bittersweet feeling. It is only really understood by fellow theatre dorks.
Friend- Why are you so sad?
Me-Just finished Hairspray, having Post-show depression
Friend- The hell is that?
by Theatre dork June 09, 2013
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A form of depression caused by uncontrolled feelings, leading to hopelessness and loneliness. Often originates from the end of a much-rehearsed performance. It may be acute, or it may last until the next set of rehearsals start. Usually, it involves walking offstage and into a metaphorical vat of frozen herrings topped with sour relish, which will symbolize your view of life until the depression has passed.
-Why are you covered in metaphorical frozen herrings?
-I have post show depression.
-Well, you can't leave the music field, Elvis. Guess you'll have to wait this thing out.
by Keith Derfner June 06, 2015
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You auditioned. You got a callback. You made it into the show. You rehearse for months, making amazing memories with your friends, who became your second family. You threw absolutely everything you had into this musical. You fell in love with the music score, and knew everyone’s lines and said them across the wings to your friends. The performance came, and you did amazing. Everyone loves it, you felt as happy as ever. The curtain falls for the last time. You turn around and see your best friends, with tears in your eyes. Your heart sinks. You have an after party, which mainly consists of crying and hugging. You go home and sit on the couch. The next day, you don’t go to any rehearsals. You lie in bed and cry, while texting your theatre friend that you miss them already. You read the script again and again, and you watch the film while performing the show in your living room. You wish you could do it again. This lasts days, weeks or months for some people. It’s hard. Really hard. And only theatre people understand what I mean.
I miss our show soooo much. I have so much post-show depression.
by Watermelons May 11, 2018
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When you’ve finished a musical/ play and feel angry, worthless , sad and annoyed that it’s finished . You become so attached to your character because they resemble your inner self . You hear the songs on the way home and just cry . Post show depression only happens when a show has truly impacted the actor as a person .
Where’s Amy? Ah she’s not coming , said she’s got post show depression and just keeps crying .
by WendyAddams October 27, 2018
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