adjective: When one's ironic appreciation of something becomes genuine, usually due to either prolonged exposure or the enjoyment derived from how amusingly terrible it is.
At first, I thought Pitchfork's inclusion of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" at #21 on their top 500 tracks of the 2000s list was just hipster irony... But now real hipsters post-ironically recognise it for the great song it is, go figure.
by Richaod September 23, 2010
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adjective: meaning "after irony". Modern style of art or fashion that follows a phase that was ironic. Being sincere or earnest as opposed to flippant and sarcastic.
Lucky, a graphic novel
by Gabrielle Bell:

"Lucky" is also a startling achievement: a coming-of-age tale -- from hipster Williamsburg, no less -- told without a whisper of irony."

quote is from article:
Coming of age in a post-ironic black-and-white world
By Matthew Shaer, Globe Correspondent November 25, 2006
by leeza-jane March 25, 2007
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An unintentional response to Gen X's use of sarcasm, a post-ironic comment is one which the speaker actually says what they feel, but with a sarcastic tone. A post-ironic comment is usually accompanied with a wink or some other motion to make the listener feel that the speaker is joking, even though they're not.
Dan and Judy are laughing.
Judy looks at the clock and says, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Dan. I have to run, I forgot that I'm meeting up with Toby right now."
Dan says, "That's not cool. I'll never look at you the same," and laughs.
Judy asks, "Were you being post-ironic?"
Dan says, "Of course not," and laughs again.
by TwoTails March 17, 2009
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adj. Term used to indicate a hipster connection to a nostalgic item. Also used by pop-culture elitists to determine an item as 'passe' in the hipster subculture, but can be still discussed in a sarcastic sense-literally, post-ironic.

Assoc. with post-post-ironic, post-post-post-ironic, etc. (usually, each additional prefix represents an additional level of separation from coolness).
"When I saw a picture of Justin Timberlake wearing a trucker hat, I was wondering if he was being post-ironic or if he actually thought it was cool."

"Enid's outfit was the epitome of subculture Elite, complete with a post-ironic plastic Best Friends necklace from 1995."
by Bagheera March 2, 2006
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A term generally used by extreme douchebags to make themselves sound smarter.
Either your email is serious and you're overlooking the fact that this bluster is in a spirit of fun or it is so cleverly and subtly post-ironic that I'm overlooking your joke.
by Pop Kessler April 22, 2010
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When you run for office in a Democratic system, lose the vote, declare yourself the winner anyway and accuse everyone else of being the ones in denial.
"Before the election was called, I had a pretty good feeling about it, so I preemptively declare victory and anointed myself an Anarcho-Monarch of Ottowa. Then to my shock and also not shock at all, the elites appointed their own puppet-leader instead, Zed Shabibe. Or something, I dunno, I wasn't paying attention. I'm calling upon my supporters to not recognize the legitimacy of these so-called 'elected officials' unless it's ever me."
-- Jreg satirizing Post-Ironic Democracy in "I Won (And By A Lot)"
by The Logical Fallacy December 24, 2022
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A reaction to 'lad' culture, the post-ironic lad (also known as the post-lad) is a parody of the stereotypical English lad. To this end post-ironic lads still partake in activities such as hanging around in packs, drinking heavily, watching soccer and attempting to kill each other afterwards as well as enjoying pictures of bare naked women while singing inane and tuneless songs all too loudly, the difference being that they do so ironically.

On first inspection it may seem that there is no difference between the lad and the post-ironic lad, however on closer inspection it becomes clear that post-ironic lad banter is generally more witty than lad banter and in the pursuit of greater irony is often more extreme. Additionally the average post-ironic lad is generally younger than the average lad and most importantly treats the 'lash' as a true way of life.
Post-ironic lad - "If you aren't drunk in 5 seconds, I'm going to punch in the face!"

Post-ironic lad No.1 - "Hey lad, smash up that wardrobe there with the shovel" Post-ironic lad No.2 then proceeds to smash a wardrobe to pieces with a shovel 'ironically'.
by The Buffdog March 19, 2009
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