November 25 is another day where people in Urban Dictionary will try to make up a day to make others kiss their crushes.
Urban Dictionary: Hey I'm gonna make November 25 a day to do with kissing your crush!
A not ignorant person: You know you can't make up days like tha-
Urban Dictionary: *pulls up gun*
by DestinyDes November 24, 2019
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The baddest bitches were born on this day. They’re always beautiful and extremely sexy. Don’t let a November 25th baby get away.
Melissa: she’s so pretty I wish I was her
Nella: yeah she’s such a typical November 25th baby
by Bad-b October 15, 2019
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National give any friend that is a girl a hoodie
Kyle: here's my hoodie!
Girl bsf: what for?
Kyle: it's November 25th!!!!
by letmehaveurhoodieimkindacold November 23, 2019
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National Left Asscheek Day. Commonly celebrated by wishing a friend a “Happy Left Asscheek!” and following it with a gentle tap on the butt.
Dave: your ass is looking pretty fine today dude.
John: thanks man, I’ve been doing my squats to prepare for National Left Asscheek Day.
Dave: aw shit it’s November 25 already? Happy Left Asscheek!
by strawbatom October 16, 2019
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National day of kissing your crush. It’s never hard to try
Girl: Hey
Boy: Hey
Girl: *kiss him*
Boy: what was that???
Girl: Is November 25
by basic_yols October 29, 2019
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November 25 is a day to love your shortest friend. Show them you love them and give them whatever they want.
Bob: hey George, wanna give me a hug?
George: eww why?? I’m not gay
Bob: bUT iTs NovEmbEr 25!!!!
by Your best mom November 22, 2019
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National hug your best tiny friend.
Girl: *hugs tiny friend*
Tiny friend: what was that for?
Girl: it’s November 25!
Timy friend: oh yea...*hugs* thanks for the hug!
by Anime_146 November 25, 2019
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