Jermey is the type of guy everyone wants to date and be with but only one lucky girl can. He loves to give hugs and kisses, and he can keep a LONG relationship. He is loving caring and oh so sweet.
Elaina and Jermey are goals.

Ann: Did you see that guy he gave her his jacket!?
Jessica: Yup, he is a Jermey alright.
by HeyBabeItsMe November 3, 2016
When your accounts on any video game get hacked, randomly stolen, or lost for some reason.
Marcus' Spotify account probably got Jermeyed when he couldn't log into it despite him using the correct login information.
by Poht February 20, 2018
The guy is a freaking prick that asks a girls boyfriend if he can bang their girl, he is usual outcasted from school friend groups but still continues to talk to the point in which his voice box sounds like Darth Vader chocking on a hotdog.
Jermey is a prick.
by Typed May 8, 2019
Pulling a Jermey Adams is when you get your girlfriend pregnant and decide to keep the child
Person 1:Damn did you hear about Jill and Rob? He got her pregnant Person 2:He pulled a Jermey Adams
by Wildbill3764 January 10, 2018
When you are a man! A real man and your manliness is so huge that you physically make girls throw up during/after sex.

IE: you have a huge penis.
Pull over I need to throw up- Girl1
Why? - Girl2
He just hit my Jermey Reflex- Girl2

Wow, he's huge- Girl1
You mean he hit you're Jermey Reflex- Girl2
Yeah it was like a Louisville Slugger- Girl1
by Ace something May 19, 2011
A nigga who is willing to do anything for sum pussy.

Better known as a opp
by Smg punisher January 1, 2019