"Chri Tina, look how fat my thighs are!"
"Oh Posh, your thighs are fine."
by Turkey May 06, 2005
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Ususally posh means sophisticated, or snobby... or something like that, but we small towners use it to mean:
Piece Of SHit
"I have to go pick up my posh car. It's in the shop again!"
by BarbieChik December 24, 2005
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slang term used for piece of shit also poshed up can mean wrecked.
Wow, that cars a posh man...
by http://pinstack.blogpot.com/ December 09, 2005
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to be subtle about it, to not go straight for a subject, to beat around the bush
"Hey, Meg can you ask James if he likes me? but can you BE POSH ABOUT IT?"
by Karmictic Latnessa April 27, 2015
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short for Potion, as the liquid or card
"I play POSH on my Charmander" ~PokeMon Trading Game
by Random Kid May 28, 2006
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