Ususally posh means sophisticated, or snobby... or something like that, but we small towners use it to mean:
Piece Of SHit
"I have to go pick up my posh car. It's in the shop again!"
by BarbieChik December 24, 2005
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to be subtle about it, to not go straight for a subject, to beat around the bush
"Hey, Meg can you ask James if he likes me? but can you BE POSH ABOUT IT?"
by Karmictic Latnessa April 28, 2015
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Kyle: Hey, Melvyn, isn't that Kayleigh?
Melvyn: Oh, P.O.S.H.? Yeah, that bitch is such a cockblock...
by ProstiTot September 15, 2008
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POSH is an acronym for Piece Of Shit

Now why isn't it just POS?
Simply because Posh is also a word meaning 'Rich or trendy' and it's funny how the word and the acronym contradict =P
Look at this used car I just got off the lot bro!

Man, that is one POSH car...
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
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the re-enactment of vanilla ice mixed with E.T. ; a well blended mixture of PO and SH.
by pokishimama March 01, 2003
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