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From the name Sewa ,she's so gentle and beautiful, very funny and the best person to have conversation with ,she have sexy legs but always think they are bad ,and her eyes can turn a guy on,
Sewa is so cool but sometimes get angry on small thing but forgive easily thing about her is that guys are always after her to the extent that she doesn't believe that there is real guy

She's so friendly and like meeting new friend
Mostly they keep guys as friend

Anyone named Sewa
That lady is beautiful. She's Sewa
by D cool June 24, 2017
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The coolest mofo on planet earth this person could kill off a family of Samaria warriors with only her pinky toe also she's super cool and the greatest person to have a conversation with AND she's makes the world a better place
She's definitely a sewa
by hdjdieeijwwja June 13, 2015
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This is my bestesterestest fren!!! She's all kewl... a lil bit gena too... lol... no, i'm just playing!!! Her real name is... umm... can't tell!!! vina peke lewa!!! lol... Luv ya, and miss ya sewa!!! G~G~G STRING!!!! BEANS!!!!!!
thats MY sewa!!! wit tha peke lewa!! just kidding!! how would i know?!?!?! sick-o
by tha one and only Ga~Ga November 29, 2004
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Grimy, corrupt dirty, foul, flaw as fuck.

piece of shit

abuse of power, brutal, shady

garbage as hell

crooked fuck ass cop

come from the bottom - from the struggle

hood - projects
that man straight sewa

yo, that some sewa ass shit he did

that narcotic detective is a sewa cop

I came from tha sewa so watch as i climb to the top
by Known Aim September 07, 2019
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