n. An herb that is an alternative to the drug cannabis. It is legal in the United States and can be bought in New York at your local 'Smoke N' Save' for a roughly estimated 16-20 usd, depending on potency. It is made with a high potency damania herb blend.
Example 1:
A:) Hey Max, I just got this cool new alternative to weed, it's made for aromatherapy but everybody around here says it's safe to smoke & gives a great high, it's called Posh. I got it from Smoke N' Save.

B:) I heard of that stuff, my friend turned into a poshhead a couple days ago.
by poshtoker504 July 19, 2010
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you a fancy boy. Probably gay.
Unless you're a group of middle aged English aristocrats in the 40s I'm hitting you. No man says this and keeps his swag.
Oh darling those shoes are so posh!
by RaiSai Leventopoulos August 02, 2017
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abbreviation for post hospital. usually a term used for people who went into a mental hospital. usually called posh appointment
social worker: you will have a posh appointment to create a safety plan in order to decrease the likelihood of you coming back to a mental hospital.
by rck111 October 10, 2019
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you drive a beemer? posh! that's nothing more than a hoopty
by Poly P April 09, 2002
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It come from the day of steamers traveling to the far east from Britain passing by Cape town. The leg Cape Town to the far east was in hot weathers and the ship had the starboard side always facing south. The cabins would get very hot on that side so a port cabin on the outbound jurney was preferable. The reverse applied to the homebound jurney. Hence the most expensive tickets where those: Port Outbound Starboard Homebound, simply marked as P.O.S.H.
Today is is sinonimous of expensive, high class, etc, although should mean Chavvy after POSH spice adopted it.
by marco~~ October 03, 2006
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"Chri Tina, look how fat my thighs are!"
"Oh Posh, your thighs are fine."
by Turkey May 06, 2005
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