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A UTF-8 Swastika character.
This is my example of the 卐 character...
by Palm3R November 06, 2008
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Nothing more than an .exe program, which is a windows executable file.
.exe program, having nothing to do with hacking, or virtual drugs like some of the retards on here seem to think...
by Palm3R August 28, 2008
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Certain programs that you get that they claim are "free" on their download page, but every time you open it up to use it, an annoying popup blocks your veiw of the program you're trying to use with something that says "BUY NOW!!" or "register Here" or something equally annoying. (even though it was claimed to be completely free).
one way to avoid nagware is to use a portable program.
nagware programs = WinRaR, LimeWire, mIRC, etc...
by Palm3R July 21, 2008
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A program that doesn't require installation, meaning you don't need administrator privileges to use it, and doesn't require a crack/keygen. Similar to a preactivated program, except it's all packed into one simple .exe file, with no or very few supporting files.
An easy way to avoid installing a program and taking up to much space, is downloading a Portable Program.
by Palm3R August 28, 2008
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DoS or DDoS can refer to a "Denial of Service" or a "Distributed Denial-Of-Service" attack.

A DoS Artist is a person that will attempt a DoS attack on a server and tell their friends that they actually hacked the server. This type of person makes their entire "hacker life" all about staying holed up in their rooms to try this attack on other people or servers, usually so they can brag about it to their friends some more. These types of people are also often associated with "Script Kiddies"
'John' isn't a hacker, he's a total DoS artist... That's all he does.
by Palm3R December 21, 2010
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Game walls, in video games, are invisible walls used as game boundaries.
Instead of using a mountain range or something along the lines of that, to keep the player in the level, there will be an invisable wall.
1: Why the hell did they put a game wall right THERE??

2: They should have just put trees there instead of a big invisable game all...
by Palm3R August 10, 2010
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Photomanipulation can be defined as enhancing or editing an image using some kind of software on a computer to do so.
The most common example would be someone shooping their friends or someone else online in a picture to make them look gay or stupid in some way.

Although photomanipulation can be more advanced and artistic than that.
Photomanipulation is an art to me.
by Palm3R March 25, 2011
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